Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well today should be an interesting day. Going to be doing some community service today. If everyone does their part we will gain 500$ for our cause. It should be interesting I hope everyone shows up today. Going to bring some friends just in case some people don't show up. I will really test my luck today since there is a chance of it raining. I wouldn't like to work in the rain but w.e as long as it gains the money we need.

Other object of today. I need to get ahead in my physics book and do some reading on a few novels. I would like to get back to programming but that is a faint dream right now. Maybe even make some music or poetry but that is also an out there idea. I never really have that much time it seems. I cant wait till I gain my drive back again. We will see how long that takes.

Finally hopefully a friend and I will play the Minecraft survival map today. I am hopefully going to build an underground forest so we can get the most efficiency without worrying about mobs spawning everywhere.Mainly because the whole creeper mob spawns aren't that cool haha. 
Opinions on how my blog is looking would be nice :D

Friday, February 25, 2011


I need to make this blog more interesting. So I think I will tell a little story of when I was playing minecraft earlier today. I love to play minecraft it is a pretty fun game. I saw on yoggscast there was this survival map challenge type thing. It looked pretty cool so I decided to go out and check it out. It was fun for a while and I did pretty good everything was going well. I planted a few trees and got a lot of ore. I waited for the sun to rise like normal so I could go outside and get the wood from the trees because I had no wood but a lot of ores. I went out was bombarded by 20 creepers. I rage quitted because the whole island was now flooded so there was no point :/. Ill play again later though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Often

To Keep this blog going I guess I need to post a lot but I need to figure out what is too much posting and what is too little...this isnt twitter cant do it every hour or 30 mins....this isnt facebook cant do it every few hours...but I dont evennnnn....we will see

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Get The Hang Of It

I felt the need to post another blog section when I realized I needed practice on blogging. Obviously this will become busy work if I want this blog to be legit enough to be enjoyed by the few. Maybe the many but we will see how this all turns out in the end.

So About this

I thought well it is time to make a decent blog about things. Not sure why I named it "The Wonders of Minecraft" But whatever ill post whatever I want on this blog :) Now time to make a flow ;)